Mad Honey (Zero THC)


Mad Honey (Zero THC)

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NEW – Mad Honey Rare Harvest blend. Better formula, stronger effects, same price!

This new blend offers up the highest high possible when it comes to Mad Honey. Rare Harvest Mad Honey is collected from the tippity top of the mountains on Nepal. The farmers can only collect the honey at certain times of years and it is an intense task! The honey is way stronger and more potent than regular Mad Honey.

Our packets help you get every last bit of honey. Mad honey is a psychoactive product meant for those 21+. Best consumed on an empty stomach on your couch! The active ingredient in psychoactive Mad Honey is grayanotoxins which leads to feelings of euphoria.

One Package = 15g

To reiterate, for best results, consume Mad Honey on an empty stomach. The recommended dose for Mad Honey is 15g – 30g (about two tablespoons) DO NOT consume more than 30g in a 24 hour period as this could lead to undesired and negative effects. This is a HIGHLY potent product.  Please Note: This product is intended for users 21+ years of age. Keep away from children.