Gift Bombz
Gift Bombz


Gift Bombz

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These bombz make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Each bomb comes packaged in its own gift box.

Arnold Bomber - a burst of grapefruit, orange, lemongrass, lemon verbena and yuzu, with a touch of sweet fruitiness. (unisex)
Dom - An enticing blend of bergamot, warm sandalwood and rich musk.  Men love it.  Women love their men in it.
Diesel - mahogany, teakwood, cedar and oak (clean - slightly masculine)
Ghost - amber, bergamot, cedarwood, warm musk, pear blossom, fresh strawberry, kiwi, lemon, lily (unisex)
Smoke - smoked vanilla, sea salt & driftwood with a hint of Indonesian teakwood (unisex)

Naked - unscented