Infinite CBD FAQs

Where does your hemp come from?
All our hemp is organically sourced from the state of Colorado
I’m a beginner.  How do I start using CBD?
Our team recommends that you start small and work your way up. Our Isolate Dropper is the perfect way to start integrating CBD into your routine and understanding the amount that works best for your needs.
What CBD product will work best for me?
At Infinite CBD, we create a wide variety of products utilizing different delivery methods. It is important to first and foremost find the delivery method(s) that work best for you. From there, pick a product that matches your preferences.
Will this make me fail a drug test?
Customers consistently report that they pass common drug tests while utilizing our products.
How much CBD should I consume?
Each person may experience different effects based on their dose. We suggest starting by taking a low amount of CBD, then increase as needed.  A good starting place is 10mg per 100 lbs. 
Why did my my dropper change color?
Your coconut oil based isolate can begin to show hints of yellow, pink, red or purple when exposed to light, heat, or oxygen - this is due to the oxidation process of coconuts. Rest assured, any color change does not impede the quality or potency of the product.

Do you have a lab report/COA?
Yes, for more info Infinite CBD 

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