CannaBomb FAQs

Where do you get your CBD?
CannaBombz products are made with pure CBD supplied by Infinite CBD Co.  We use CBD isourced from the state of Colorado.

How do I use my CannaBomb?
Drop one entire CannaBomb into a warm bath.  For best results, allow yourself 20-30 minutes to soak and enjoy the full effects of the CBD.

Will Cannabombz irritate my skin?
Cannabombz products are made with all natural and organic ingredients, so the risk of skin irritation is minimal. Our products are paraben and phthalate free and contain no preservatives, artificial dyes or additives.  Please see list of ingredients to determine if a product contains an ingredient that you know to be irritating to your skin.

Are CannaBomb products safe for kids?

Do CannaBombz have an expiration date?
Cannabombz do not have an expiration date but are best if used within 60-90 days.  CannaBombz do not contain any artificial preservatives

How should I store my CannaBombz?
Bombz and saltz should be stored in a cool, dry place to reduce their exposure to moisture and humidity.  Exposure to moisture will reduce the fizz but will not diminish the effectiveness of the bath bomb.